Forget the hospital, I can give birth wherever I want


Birth Stories

The Kunisch Birth Story

My second pregnancy was filled with a lot of unexpected events. Some events were challenging while others were exciting, but all of them were opportunities for growth. It really came as no surprise that as my pregnancy approached 40 weeks, a hurricane was also approaching! During our appointment prior to the storm, we all agreed…Read More

Amelia’s Birth

I want to start off with a huge and whole hearted thank you to my sister, husband and the women of Birth Blossoms, without you I don’t know if I would have been able to experience the birth I dreamed of. So let’s dig in, on Sunday night after a day of football I sent…Read More

Emma’s Birth Story

The day I went into labor I had no idea. I had been having contractions everyday for 3+ weeks and was 3cm dilated for those few weeks so I didn’t believe it when It actually happened. It was any normal Thursday for me and for once I had actually gotten some sleep that night! I…Read More

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