Violet’s Birth Story

Valentine’s Day 2017: Micheal and I decided to celebrate by taking a baby moon day trip to St Augustine before our sweet Violet arrived. We spent the day touring the Old Time Jail, exploring The Alligator Farm, and walking the St George Pedestrian Street Mall. We explored many shops, bakeries, and restaurants; eating everything our…Read More

The Kunisch Birth Story

My second pregnancy was filled with a lot of unexpected events. Some events were challenging while others were exciting, but all of them were opportunities for growth. It really came as no surprise that as my pregnancy approached 40 weeks, a hurricane was also approaching! During our appointment prior to the storm, we all agreed…Read More

Amelia’s Birth

I want to start off with a huge and whole hearted thank you to my sister, husband and the women of Birth Blossoms, without you I don’t know if I would have been able to experience the birth I dreamed of. So let’s dig in, on Sunday night after a day of football I sent…Read More

Emma’s Birth Story

The day I went into labor I had no idea. I had been having contractions everyday for 3+ weeks and was 3cm dilated for those few weeks so I didn’t believe it when It actually happened. It was any normal Thursday for me and for once I had actually gotten some sleep that night! I…Read More

A VBAC story <3

Neemali’s Birth Story Saturday night Rob and I went out on what would be our last date night for a while, well without a newborn attached to me. We went painting at Quench Your Pallate and he challeneged me with an intricate sugar skull pattern. 3 hours later we’re still not done with it! We…Read More

Zane’s Birth Story

On February 20th Derek had plans for the day (helping the neighbor & then meeting with our pastor) so, I spent the morning with friends at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. After that I came home and Mammy and Bapa came to play with the girls. We decided to go get dessert and went to Chili’s. While…Read More

The homebirth of Tobin Joseph

My Home Water Birth War Story

It all started when I was left with no choice by my doctor’s in West Palm Beach but to go into labor naturally by 40 weeks or to have a forced scheduled c section because my 1st baby was a c section 16 years ago. I have had 2 successful hospital vbacs since then which…Read More

Spring 2015

‘Mother and daughter deliver baby while papa watches’ This precious family came into care after leaving their hospital induction and had few supplies. Thankfully we do not need a lot of bells and whistles to have a powerful birth!              

The Birth Of Lincoln

My Home Birth after two Induced Hospital Births On Tuesday October 7th I started having painful but irregular contractions. I felt like every time I tried to time them they would completely stop.  While I laid in bed that night to get our 2 year old Lennox to sleep, my husband Logan and I talked…Read More

Leilani’s Birth Story

March 13th, 2015 I woke up to get ready to start a normal day, my sister slept over my house to take me to acupuncture in Vero Beach. We made breakfast and got our kids in the car and headed towards Vero Beach. We took A1A the trip there and it was beautiful! Mary Rainer…Read More

Adisen’s Birth Story

Our birth story reminds me of something from the movies. The difference is that in the movies we probably wouldn’t have been going all-natural. We were going to Labor of Love in Dunedin, FL for our prenatal care and that’s where we planned to give birth. Our little girl was due July 20th, 2014, just…Read More

Shiloh’s Birth Story

On Tuesday I started getting very crampy. I went to a LLL fundraiser, and then came home to rest. By Tuesday night the cramps were worse and Wednesday Derek stayed home from work because he thought I was in labor. I still figured it was more ‘prep’ and not the ‘real thing.’ I took Ellyanna to a play group then…Read More