Emma’s Birth Story

unnamed (2)The day I went into labor I had no idea. I had been having contractions everyday for 3+ weeks and was 3cm dilated for those few weeks so I didn’t believe it when It actually happened.

It was any normal Thursday for me and for once I had actually gotten some sleep that night! I went to my friend’s house in the morning and then to my weekly prenatal appointment in Ft. pierce right after. We talked about labor and how excited I was.

Emma was measuring right on track for being 38 weeks. We didn’t know exactly when my due date was and there was almost 2 weeks discrepancy of when it could be. By my tracking, I was guessing my due date was Saturday. That afternoon I took a nap and woke up to my husband going down the street to walk my first daughter. For the first time in months I RAN to catch up to them.

During the walk I really pushed myself, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, ANYTHING trying to get contractions going. We came home and ate dinner and put our oldest to bed. I hadn’t been able to eat much for a few weeks but I ate ALLLL of my huge dinner plus some of my husband’s. We watched a few episodes of House and hubby and I decided to go for another walk down the street. I had a few BH but they were sporadic and stopped when we got home.

unnamedI tried going to sleep but I was having some cramping which I had been having every night. Usually putting pressure on my round ligaments eased up the cramps enough for me to sleep. After about 30 mins I still wasn’t comfortable. I sat on my birth ball next to my bed and watched House with hubby since he was still awake. It was around 11:30 and I realized I was having contractions (I was thinking they were only BH contractions) and started timing them. I was surprised I was having contractions every 2-3 mins apart! I text my friend letting her know but was still expecting them to die down like every other night. I text both of my midwives and one responded and said to try to sleep. I knew I couldn’t by that point. I checked myself awhile later when contractions started to get a bit stronger and I could feel my bag of waters!! I KNEW I was in labor by that point!!! Progress!!
unnamed (3)I was texting my friend the whole time and we were laughing because the app I was using to time contractions kept yelling at me to “Go to the hospital!” At 12 I called my midwife and let her know I was in labor. After talking for a few mins she decided to come and check me. The whole time I was contracting and waiting for the midwives to come I was sweeping and cleaning my house. Every contraction I would put the broom down and hang on to my husband. Then go back to sweeping.

Swaying through my contractions is what kept me focused and strong. At 12:55 my water broke during a stronger contraction. About 5-10 mins later my midwife got there and asked me if I wanted to be checked. I did and we were surprised that i was at a 8-9! She could barely feel any cervix!! I didn’t feel like labor was that bad so I was very very surprised!


She let me know I MIGHT not have enough time to set up the birth pool so I just decided to use our tub. Suddenly there was a lot of action as my second midwife got there (she had actually been pulled over for speeding on the way there!) and they wiped down my tub to make sure it was clean, they found candles and lit a bunch and turned the lights off. It was my perfect little space to relax in. Contractions were strong at this point but I was so excited and happy to be laboring in my own space that they never felt overwhelming. I got in the tub and I have pictures of me laughing and smiling in between contractions.

unnamed (5)My doula got there a little bit after I got in the tub and she was an amazing support to my husband to help him relax and she helped me keep cool in the hot tub. I’m a doula so I am very familiar with the progression of labor. I was telling my husband the different points I was in, active labor, transition, the lull etc. It was amazing being able to feel progress and feel her head move down and know that my body was in control and knew what to do!

My midwives gave us quiet and space and would come in and check Emma’s heart rate about every 20 mins. My body let me know when to push and I followed its lead. Contractions were intense but productive and I remember talking to my baby calling her to me. Her name, Emma was my mantra. I don’t feel like I pushed very long because at 2:24am she was born into the water into her crying daddy’s hands.

My oldest had woken up right before this point and my doula took care of her for me. Korra (19 months) got to meet Emma for the first time. Emma nursed about 5 mins after being born. Shortly after, I delivered my placenta and needed a shot of pitocin to help with bleeding. Our midwives helped me get to the bed (which they prepped with pads to keep it clean) and measured and weighed her after an hour of feeding and bonding. 6 lbs even, 18.25 inches long! I tore a little but didn’t need stitches because I tore up not down and stitches wouldn’t be ideal in that area. They left around 4:30am as we got ready to get some sleep.

unnamed (4)I couldn’t have been happier and more blessed with such a perfect midwife team. They were AMAZING and I couldn’t have asked for things to go any better. This was my perfect ideal birth and in my eyes couldn’t have gone ANY better. My husband was perfect and so supportive. He was hands on when I needed it and hands off when I wanted to focus into my own space. I am so blessed.

(Yes there is a rubber ducky in the tub. His name is Carl and my amazing doula Cassie Pasqualini brought him for me because during doula training I said I wanted one as a joke! What other doula listens so well and remembers that from MONTHS before hand?? She is amazing!)

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